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STUA is a design furniture manufacturer from Spain that offers a contemporary collection based on chairs, tables, stools, storage, lounge and outdoor furniture.


STUA collection is suitable for residential use or commercial enviroments. What separates STUA furniture from much of contemporary design furniture is the enduring nature of form. The timeless design. The work of STUA is conceived and executed at an extraordinarily high level of aesthetic and engineering detail. The work is innovative and original. There is a fresh spirit to the work, but its character is grounded firmly in the principles and character of classic modern design, that of simplicity and timelessness

STUA is a responsible manufacturer. We are happy to bring to you the new STUA production site, a project by Jesus Gasca. The new factory includes two production floors and an automatic warehouse. STUA is committed to creating timeless designs with a durable life. This is part the search of a sustainable production. The new STUA premises will allow us to be even more sustainable. New recycling tools, the use of solar energy, clean processes, and the search for packing without plastic. We are manufacturers and we love to craft our collection with the best people and the best machinery. This new premises will help us be a better company.