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Why do people use standing desks in offices?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

SW height adjustable desk

Sitting for long period of time may lead to a number of health concerns including obesity, poor blood circulation, high blood sugar, and more. Standing is now the new work style with the benefits such as reduce back pain, improve posture, burn calories and give you an energy burst. It is said to improve work efficiency and productivity, as well as promote more active communication.

SW height adjustable desk

Thus, the standing desks that can adjust the height according to desks user's physique, work, or mood, are spreading around the world. Okamura has developed SW height adjustable desk that leads to a new way of working that maintains health and boost work productivity.

SW height adjustable desk

The most distinctive feature is the "sloped edge”. The edge of the desk is rounded to reduce burden on the arms even when a worker leans on it to write or use a computer. It maintains comfort in both sitting and standing positions.

SW height adjustable desk

With full focus on freed movement, comfort and safety, this flexible SW height adjustable desk is a fusion of design and functionality.

More About Posture


It is important to change your posture to best suit the task at hand. To keep ideal posture in each situation, Okamura recommends five different postures. In order to eliminate strain on your body, try to make a shift from one posture to the other, alternate between sitting and standing, take a break, and make a use of a chair and a desk, or support apparatus.

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