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Twist on your work chair.

The Iconic Sabrina Ring Structure

Superlative technology, in a shapely appearance. The inner frame embraces you as you sit, while the outer frames fan out, allowing for your body to bend effortlessly to the left and right. As you move, air flows through the strong, flexible mesh, adding a sense of lightness and comfort.

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Our stories for your inspiration.

Issue #10, Discover the Danish Work-Style reforms provides happiness

This article is a part of the WORK MILL with Forbes JAPAN Issue 2 — The Age of Post-Innovation ©WORK MILL

What are the working styles for businesspeople in the "world's happiest country?" We asked two of Denmark's biggest companies about their work values.

The more you work, the more you achieve. This Japanese-style way of thinking is outdated. Looking at the average annual working hours per person, Denmark works about 300 hours less than Japan. The law stipulates that a working week is 37 hours.....

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