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SOLISTE - Standard desks to support the office of the future.

office table

SOLISTE is a new concept in desks developed for the office of the future. Its simple design, with narrow top and elegant, slim legs, makes it beautiful when used alone, but it can also be used in pairs without feeling overwhelming, creating an open and sophisticated working space.

office table

Bench desks are becoming mainstream in the offices of today, and traditional, single-standing desks tend to be avoided because they create a very standard-looking office space. However, due to the simplicity of the SOLISTE desk, it is easy to set up and move, and your office layout can be changed around whenever you like.

The SOLISTE is the standard desk series for the future, with a simple shape that is refined and light to fit a variety of office spaces. We have a range of products in various sizes, two types of legs, a wide variety of colors, trapezoidal tops, and high types to suit every worker. Because of its simple design, you can create a space for any scenario.

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