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Salotto System Furniture: Workbench and Panel System

Updated: May 8

The Salotto Workbench & Panel System is designed to provide flexibility and versatility to office. This system grants you the ability to create a space that is tailor-made with freedom. It will change the way that people work.

#1 Workbench cluster of 4 with panel

work table, cluster of four, cluster of two, cluster of six

The color and height of panels change the space of creative work.

New points of view and imagination are constantly demanded of workers in the creative industries. To accomplish their feats, they require a space that offers the right amount of privacy and opportunity for communication. Using partitioning with vivid panels and cabinet storage, this system maintains a sense of privacy while inspiring creativity.

#2 Workstation with storage

workstation, with storage

A circular worktop provides efficiency and speed when collaborating or working individually.

A space that is monotone throughout is optimal for focusing one's concentration. This system suits workplaces that involve real-time trading or multi-tasking. Create an effective space with a sense of unity when collaborating by using the circular worktop. Increase storage by combining with rolling cabinets and shelves.

#3 Executive / Manager Desk

executive desk, manager table

Surround executives with a wood grain desk. Increase tranquility, prestige, and functionality.

Giving instructions. Making decisions. Meeting clients. The tasks of executives range far and wide. Executives require a workspace layout that is neatly organized and highly functional. The combination of wood grain worktops and panels with dark gray legs exemplifies the dignity, confidence, and status fitting to executives.

#4 Meeting Table

meeting table

Think freely. Discuss freely. A detailed design increases the quality of meetings.

By customizing the size of the worktop of workbenches, you can utilize them as a meeting table. Smooth communication of the people is facilitated by adding the slanted legs. Connections for IT devices for web conferencing and other purposes are simple to make. This design contains the ability to bring about active discussions even in simple spaces.

#5 Conference Table

conference table

Customize worktops to fit a large space. This system can be tailor-made to blend design and function.

Presentations to board members require a sense of decorum and unity of its participants. The worktops of this system have been substantially elongated and, when set together, offer the look of a single slab of wood. With center support cable tower legs that also serve as cable management ducts, there is ample access for computers, projectors, and other OA devices.

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