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Salotto System Furniture: Cabinet & Storage

cabinet, storage

In today's fast-paced work culture, having an organised workspace is essential for productivity and efficiency. Our system storage for office provides solutions by offering a wide range of storage including metal cabinets, file cabinets, shelves, mobile caddy, system storage and freestanding universal storage, lockers.

They can be used to store files, office supplies, personal items, or even snacks. It can also be used as a divider between workstations to provide privacy and reduce noise.

In this article, we introduce our Salotto system storage and cabinets which are the cost-effective and flexible solutions that can be incorporated into any office environment.

#1 Metal Cabinets

metal cabinet

Metal cabinet is a durable and secure choice for storing important documents or valuable items. Locking mechanism is available which ensures that the contents inside are secure and protected from unauthorised access.

#2 Mobile Caddy

mobile caddy

Our mobile caddy features a flip-up top and serves as an excellent storage unit for mobile workstations of today. Medium-height cabinets in walnut melamine paired with pearl white shelving add elegance, while remaining a highly functional, cost efficient storage solution for the workplace.

#3 Freestanding Universal Storage

universal storage

Our bench workstation has become a popular choice in today’s contemporary work environment. Featuring freestanding universal storage, including a full-height pull-out drawer for filing, a simple desk transforms into a convenient and easy-to-navigate personal office. Add warmth to an otherwise dull space with a touch of beech melamine.

#4 Cabinets & Drawers

cabinets & drawers

They can be mounted under work surfaces or onto panels, maximising storage in the workplace. Available in pearl white with silver striped doors, the bi-color CUBE can bring fun and flare into any work environment. Add a personal touch to your space by choosing from our wide selection of finishes.

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