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Phlox - Draw teams together and ideas will spring to life.

Phlox low tables, conferencing tables, high tables

Breathe energy into your space and offer choice, with a diverse landscape of Phlox low tables, conferencing and high tables. Mix and match four different heights, with a choice of six gently curved tabletops in varying shapes and sizes and a range of natural finishes.

Phlox collection, chair & table from Japan

Tabletops feature an elegant and tactile tapered knife-edge detail. Engage the senses to stimulate wellbeing, with diverse textures and finishes. Select a wood veneer, laminate or linoleum worktop each with a curated range of colour choices that can be beautifully matched with legs in one of four woodgrain finishes.

Phlox low tables, conferencing tables, high tables

Combining Beauty & Sustainability

Phlox Collection was designed with circularity in mind, ensuring a gentle footprint. Every component has been carefully considered to reduce environmental impact.

Bamboo finish

For even greater sustainability benefits, consider a distinctive and beautiful laminated bamboo veneer. Growing 20 times faster than conifer plantations and absorbing up to 40 times more CO2 per hectare, bamboo is nature’s sustainable choice.

Carbon neutral linoleum

Linoleum is made from natural ingredients and is biodegradable. Produced with 100% clean energy, our linoleum is carbon neutral.

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