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Updated: Feb 23

You define how you work.

Today's office is more than a place of work. The office must meet the diverse needs of its employees, so they can do their best work. Alternative zones let everyone choose where and how they want to work. Switching between their private desks and high-energy shared spaces. The Alt Piazza collection creates cafe-style work environments. So you can get a break from your office, in your office.

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Issue on 11/Dec/2020

The PAO office, located in an area packed with traditional residences.

How old architecture is upcycled to create a better society in Beijing

This article is a part of the WORK MILL with Forbes JAPAN Issue 6 — Loved Company ©WORK MILL

Beijing is transforming along with the advancement of the economy. Architects are taking a stand, warning about how good old cultures are disappearing. Beijing, the capital of a nation with a history of 3,000 years. Around the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square are narrow alleys called hutong where traditional houses can still be found.....

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