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Lives - The form of feeling good at work

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Today’s office chairs demand more than functionality. Relaxed, residential-feel spaces create work environments where workers express themselves and thrive.

Lives Entry Chairs, Work Chairs and Work Lounge Chairs bring a casual look to the office and are equipped with the state of the art features that employees have come to expect.

Perfect for use

Live chairs are perfect for those who do not need a lot of adjustments but still demand seating comfort. The compact and simple outline realizes a nice design that is supportive to your form. Why not increase the comfort of your office starting by changing the chairs that support your everyday work?

Cozy yet hardworking

Nowadays employees are untethered from their office desks. They are mobile and move from one place to another throughout the day. In open plan office spaces, The Lounge Chair makes a great touch-down spot while creating a personal oasis.

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