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It is pleased to announce that our new collection Phlox is coming soon!

Ideas flow naturally

Nature is at the heart of this family of collaborative chairs and tables, that beckon colleagues to connect with comfort and ease. Beautiful, curved forms will soften the work space and invite a flow of creative energy. Spill into organic break-out settings, where easy and natural interactions will follow.

Inspired by the fragrance and fascinating petals of the night phlox flower, the range captures both the vitality and calming influence of nature. Phlox Collection was designed with circularity in mind, ensuring a gentle footprint.

The Sustainable Choice: Re:net

Every component of Phlox has been carefully considered to reduce environmental impact. Marine debris harms the delicate balance of ocean life. Our sustainable textile Re:net holds a benefit greater than its exquisite and subtle beauty. By choosing this product, created from salvaged fishing nets, you will play a part in protecting our oceans and marine life.

To learn more about Re:net and other sustainable materials for Phlox collection, VIEW HERE


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