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 Conference Table Traverse - Engineered Simplicity

Okamura’s legacy of structural engineering, passion for creative materials, and signature craftsmanship unite in the Traverse Collection — recreating the conference table through engineered simplicity. Every component has been meticulously reengineered — from the unbelievably thin top to the graceful support structure, from the integration of technology to the 16 beautiful finishes.

  • A simple, canted leg design mirrored on either side of the table.

  • Table top is incredibly thin, less than 21mm at its thickest point.

  • Tapering to a knife edge, creating the effect of a hovering plane up to 5600mm, without the need for a center support.

  • 16 options of beautiful, high quality finishes - ranging from traditional veneers to unique reconstituted woods.

  • Power and data connectivity are concealed in the design. Cables are hidden within the legs, ensuring a polished look and more usable space.

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