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Change in the workspace, choose your work styles


In today’s offices, there is no one-size-fits all solution. Modern work styles are tailored to the individual, team, and activity — giving employees the freedom to find the space that makes them most productive. In a world where business happens anywhere/anytime, Okamura has solutions to shape work styles that work.


Bringing team members together in their own space In an era of workplace reform, Okamura introduces the concept of Bushitsu, named after afterschool clubs famous across Japan, where members gather in teams around shared purpose, activities, interests, and goals. Owned by everyone in a particular division or department, it’s a home base that helps heighten one's sense of comradery and a feeling of belonging that often becomes obsolete when employees work individually.


Solo or group-based, employees want space to focus. When speed and accuracy are critical, or quiet time is necessary for reflection and coming up with new ideas, employees want to work without distractions. Soundproof spaces also increase comfort.


Benching and shared desks maximize real estate. Space for employees to accomplish daily operational tasks: checking email, scheduling, reports, etc. If you have a quick question for your coworkers, it’s easy to ask and answer.


Informal communication is key to success. When looking to work in a casual way or relax on a short break employees want a space where conversation is open and flows freely. Impromptu interactions with acquaintances from other divisions and departments not only helps build team collaboration, but also job satisfaction.

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