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Cafe-style Workplace Ideas that Increase Employee Engagement

Cafe-style Workplace Ideas

Today's office is more than a place of work. The office must meet the diverse needs of its employees, so they can do their best work. Create a cafe-style work environments can let your employees to work smarter and happier, wherever and whenever work happens.

Here's our recommendations for you to create a causal and productive workplace with stylish office furniture.

Sofa, Lounge Seating


It is designed to facilitate informal ways of working and collaboration in the shared areas of the office – such as active receptions and touch down points, break-out spaces, cafes and co-working environments, supporting creative thinking and rejuvenation.

Lives Work Lounge Chair

Lives Work Lounge Chair

In open office, a lounge chair makes a great touch-down spot while creating a personal oasis. The lounge chair is not only for relaxing. It’s designed to keep the lower body relaxed while maintaining the spine and neck upright for an ideal posture for work.

Cafe table, stool, high chair

Alt Piazza

Cafe Table & Stool

It is a perfect space for light work, a create boost, collaboration or simply a change in scenery. Causal work environment with approachable furniture enables connections, and connections bring new ideas.

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