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Alt Piazza - A casual, collaborative furniture collection for shared space

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

When looking to work in a casual way or relax on a short break employees want a space where conversation is open and flows freely. The Alt Piazza collection creates cafe-style work environment that invite people to relax together while they work. Sparking impromptu collaboration and natural creativity.

Standing Height Table & Bar Stools

Sit. Stand. Work alone, or collaborate. Approachable furniture enables connections, and connections bring new ideas. Outlets under the tabletop keep cords neat and give you the power you need to focus.

Round table & Tiered Bench

A central, round table naturally encourages engagement in meetings and casual conversation. With tiered bench, an open semicircle configuration accommodates flexible group sizes with two tiers of seating. The causal, round setting dismantles office hierarchies and encourages ideas from all around.

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