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A chair that’s got your back.

Just a small change to the back makes all the difference.

Your body shape is unique. When it comes to finding a work chair that’s high performance and high comfort, it’s personal. That’s why Okamura developed this chair with an exclusive simple-to-use Body Curve Adjustment. After all, it’s your chair, shouldn’t it fit you perfectly?

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Uniqlo’s manufacturing and work style change in Ariake

Issue #9, How Uniqlo’s “concurrent work” strategy make work faster

This article is a part of the WORK MILL with Forbes JAPAN Issue 2 — The Age of Post-Innovation ©WORK MILL

Uniqlo’s “concurrent work” strategy to make work faster by working in small teams. With antique furniture placed here and there, the atmosphere resembles a stylish bookstore. This is what is called the Reading Room, located inside Uniqlo’s new Ariake office built in March 2017. The Reading Room is in the heart of a huge office space that covers 16,500 m² on a single floor, where around...

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