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Maxdesign, located in the province of Treviso, focuses its production on seats, tables and furnishings with a contemporary, essential, highly functional and user-friendly design, combined with remarkable physical and visual lightness.

The history of Maxdesign begins with its first collections of seats produced using the complex, but at that time cutting-edge, technique of plastic bi-injection moulding. With their playful and emotive content, the "Moving" and "Dancer" stools and the "So Happy" and "Ricciolina" seats soon became long-selling classics.

Collaborations with designers of the calibre of Marco Maran, Gabriele Pezzini, Hannes Wettstein, Studio Hannes Wettstein, Dominic Symons, Dunja Weber, Marco Acerbis, Tomás Alonso and Christoph Jenni have accompanied the company in its constant reinterpretation of the contemporary world as a continuous opportunity for evolution and development.