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LAMMHULTS MOBEL AB, a company driven by design…This short slogan clearly depicts the approach of the company. Products include free-standing furniture for offices, waiting and reception areas as well as home use. An accessory such as display panels or clothes stands round off the portfolio.

LAMMHULTS is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, an international quality standard concerning environmental management systems.

LAMMHULTS was founded in 1945 in Lammhult, Sweden. At the outset the production focused on fittings for the furniture industry. The furniture industry in the region where LAMMHULTS was, and still is, located was flourishing and has ever since been called "The Kingdom of furniture in Sweden". Gradually, Lammhults developed into manufacturing their own furniture and in the late 60's it defined a company goal which is still valid: "To develop market functional furniture of an international design for organizations with high quality and design demands."