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Simple design

Simple to use

Simple to choose

Synchronised Performance

Choral’s name symbolizes the concept of a “perfectly tuned chair”—ergonomically tuned to your body and aesthetically tuned to the office. This simple approach has achieved a timeless design and dynamic beauty that is harmonized to complement a multitude of office environments.


simple to choose

The choral chair with its dynamic styling is balanced to match many office environments, with an endless choice of variations to suit personal tastes in colour, size and function. The standardised design means the many cariations have the same functional and styling concept; therefore creating harmony within office design. The wide range gives employees and companies the flexibility to find the ideal choice to suit their varying work styles. 

simple to use

The simple design complements a new innovative reclining mechanism, providing operation that anyone would find easy to use. The Quick Slide lever will smoothly alter the reclining tension to provide the best support for the modern working lifestyle.




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